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Most Unlikely Social Event 

A Dot-Com Launch Party

Can we reminisce about those good old days, back in '99 and '00? On any given day of the week, a dot-com launch party -- or two -- awaited your presence (even if you had to give a fake name at the door). There were huge crowds, live music, and incredible cuisine (foie gras, ahi, baby greens, crème brûlée, washed down with a glass of crisp Veuve Clicquot). Cut to 2001. The NASDAQ has taken a nose dive and your Jeep Cherokee, cherished for those weekend trips to Tahoe, is up for sale. Your days are spent combing for a job that offers even half of your former I-account executive position. Your nights are spent at the local pub drinking pints of Budweiser. But don't despair. Log on to and get the inside scoop on all the pink slip festivities. Sure, you'll actually have to pay for your drinks, and the food may be limited to pretzels and nuts -- but hey, there will be plenty of nerds on hand who will be extremely empathetic to your situation.


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