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Most Intrepid Theater Company 

The Shotgun Players

Berkeley's best-known shoestring troupe has taken its act from the basement of a pizza joint to an octagonal church hall to various East Bay parks, from parking lots and jails to Eastern Europe. It hopes to settle by 2002 in a new building not far from the better-established Berkeley Rep, but hopefully that won't kill the company's vagrant sensibilities. The Shotgun Players are catholic in the best, uncapitalized sense -- they'll do anything, anywhere. Obscure plays like Harry Kondoleon's Christmas on Mars receive the same recklessly enthusiastic treatment as warhorses like Shaw's Man and Superman. The company has matured over the last few years, and even if a production still occasionally shorts out, often enough, to paraphrase Shaw, the Shotgun Players can still glean light and heat from ordinary copper wire.


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