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Most Geriatric Radical Group 

Revolutionary Communist Party

The few persisting members of the once-mighty Revolutionary Communist Party can be spotted from time to time in odd nooks of the city flogging their gun-logoed paper, the Revolutionary Worker ($1). Yes, it still features a 25-year-old picture of RCP Chairman "Bob" Avakian, a Trotskyite who fled to France in 1980 to escape political persecution in Oakland. Caucasian Bob's famous theory was that nuclear war would break out in the 1980s between Russia and the United States, thereby providing petty bourgeois American intellectuals a chance to lead the blacks in a communist revolution to overthrow Ronald Reagan. When the Soviet Union collapsed and World War III failed to pop, Chairman Bob didn't come home to explain what had gone wrong. He kept his Parisian digs (one can only wonder: Does he have a real job?), and the Party withered away, except for the occasional gray-haired lone wolf cruising La Mission for nearly extinct proletarians.


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