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Most Bourgeois Radical Group 

The Workers World Party

These Trots have more fronts than Julius Caesar had knife wounds: Out of their office at Mission and 21st they run an International Action Center, a National People's Campaign, and a bunch of other stuff depending on what's hot and what's not. For many years they were the folks who got the police permits for the demonstrations that used to rock the streets of San Francisco. But a few years back, these mostly white folks terminally confused the masses when they told their fellow revolutionaries to vote for Willie Brown because he's black. Currying favor with the man? Actually, most-high WWP honcho Gloria LaRiva runs for elective city offices all the time. What she doesn't tell the voting burghers, though, is that as a Party muckety-muck she has her name emblazoned on a pamphlet saying it was a good thing the Chinese government gunned down students in Tiananmen Square -- as if it were OK for socialists to shoot students. Go figure. But these are, after all, the same people who led "peace" demonstrations for years while applauding the Russian invasion of Afghanistan.


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