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Friendliest Place to Buy Meat 

Divisadero Meat Market

It's not exactly hip to be a carnivore in health-conscious San Francisco. But for those of us who enjoy the taste of animal flesh, the Divisadero Meat Market is a place where we'll always be welcome. Set in a diverse neighborhood whose inhabitants would just as soon buy pig ears as they would chicken breasts, the market offers both, as well as a wide range of other inexpensive meats. While you won't find choice filet mignon here (DMM doesn't have high-end red meat or fish), the friendly service is worth a visit. After weighing your meat, the butchers will call out your price so you can decide whether or not it's too much. Or after choosing a New York T-bone, they might point you to the table of rice and seasonings behind you, suggesting what spice would go well with your meat. And always, they smile as if the two of you share a secret when they hand you your wrapped meat, concealed carefully so patrons leaving Herbivore, the newly opened vegan restaurant down the street, will never know what you've been up to.


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