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Best Worst Bike Project 

Bay Area Bike Share
What’s the best way to patch up the public transportation in the Bay Area so that it appears stunted, short-term, silly, and sometimes down-right stupid when compared to major public transit infrastructures in the world? Install a limited, silly, and short-reaching bike share program that pales in comparison to other bike share systems in New York, Europe, China, and beyond. We like bike share programs, but really, why would you put the stations near all the places where there is already public transportation? The point of the bike share system is to give those far-flung communities another option besides driving. It’s not supposed to give another option for the gratuitously overserved neighborhoods that already have a bunch of transit options. Hopefully, the program’s plan to another 6,000 bikes across the region will make the Bay Area Bike Share System a more useable commuting tool by 2017.

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