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Best Waffles 

Sears Fine Foods

Sears, which turns 62 this year, is famous for a number of things -- its preserved-in-aspic coffee shop milieu, its (apocryphal?) Cadillac waiting room -- but mostly it's famous for its tiny, light-as-air Swedish pancakes. We can take pancakes or leave 'em, but we love our waffles. (We're not alone: Back in Colonial days, the Dutch of New York customarily presented newlyweds with specially engraved waffle irons.) The Sears version is every bit as good as its famous pancakes; the waffles are crunchy, rich, and golden, but not too sweet, with enough character to stand up to Sears' excellent hickory-smoked ham, country sausage patties, and powerful, wine-red Canadian bacon. If you're going to gild the lily (and why not?), have the pecan-ribboned waffle and another crowned with a mountain of strawberries and whipped cream. Hold the pancakes.


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