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Best View While Gardening 

Potrero Hill Community Garden

Astonishing views of the city are a dime a dozen. San Francisco provides no small handful of places to take in all its beauty, and fog, from Alamo Square to the top of Coit Tower. Even backyards in the Sunset have a view of the Golden Gate Bridge, while the bridge's less spectacular counterpart — the Bay Bridge — can be seen from rooftops in Chinatown. But perhaps only one place offers as grand a view of the city as the Potrero Hill Community Garden. For more than four decades the garden has peeked out over 20th Street, turning the neighborhoods in between it and Twin Peaks into tiny, colorful boxes for the gardener or casual viewer. The Mission, in particular, is front and center. San Francisco's skyline is off to the right. The garden has an unlocked fence and is open to the public. Just be sure to arrive as the sun sets — and bring a camera.

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