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Best Urban Hideaway for Tranquil Reflection 

Lobos Creek

The city brings to mind a lot of things, but sitting alongside a quiet creek isn't one of them. Too bad. Perhaps if there were more creek-sitting, there would be less crankiness among the black-clad, overcaffeinated, driving public. Well, it's a thought, anyway. As best we can determine, Lobos Creek (also called San Francisco Creek by some natives) is the oldest and, we think, only continuously flowing creek in the city. The best place to meet up with it is where Lincoln Boulevard becomes El Camino del Mar. From there, the creek meanders west through a thicket of green, as though there were nothing else going on in the world. Watching the creek is a wonderful natural tranquilizer, and cheaper than whatever your therapist is charging. Virtually anywhere along its route you can find a beautiful, peaceful spot to sit and quietly reflect on the meaning of life, your next novel, or whether the New Economy is actually ruining the culture and uniqueness of San Francisco. Of course, that's just a thought.


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