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Best Unabashed Male Horniness 

Polly Esther's

As some may recall, there was a bit of a flap over the award we gave Polly Esther's last year (Best Reason to Thank God We're in the '90s). Apparently displeased, Polly's struck back in its weekly, half-page ad, accusing "a whiney [sic] editor that got thrown out for inappropriate behavior" of writing the item, which isn't entirely accurate, so let's set the record straight: As everyone at SF Weekly knows, the author of that vicious screed is certainly no editor, and while he does whine from time to time, he has never, ever been thrown out of Polly Esther's for any reason whatsoever. In fact, this bitter soul recently returned to Polly's when three female friends wanted to go somewhere "cheesy." And while the idea of a neon-screaming, cookie-cutter chain nightclub still doesn't go down smoothly, it should be noted that the place was packed, people, damn them to hell, were having fun, and despite efforts to the contrary, the evening was more or less enjoyable, except for one thing: Having abandoned any pretense of caring who they hit on, a shocking number of unabashedly horny men bombarded the three females, pretty much constantly, with the classic "aggressive scattershot approach." An example:

Unabashedly Horny Male, to Female No. 1: Hi, you're pretty. Can I dance with you?

Female No. 1: No, I'm dancing with Female No. 2.

UHM: Oh. (To Female No. 3) Well, can I dance with you?

SF Weekly, to UHM: No, she's dancing with me.

UHM: Oh.


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