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Best Trailer Park Grub 

Butter Bar

Amidst the glitter and gurgle of Butter sits a rather lovely little trailer-cum-concession stand offering a different kind of late-night eating alternative. And though the line for the loo always outdoes the one for Spam sammies, these goodies shouldn't be neglected. Tater Tots -- prepared to that delightful middle ground between soggy and crispy -- are the hot item for apps. Beanee Weenees, mac 'n' cheese, Fritos chili pie, SpaghettiOs, and Swanson TV dinners (the real thing!) are on the entree menu. And for dessert, well, what else but a rainbow of Hostess goodness: Ho Hos, Twinkies, and Ding Dongs, which the menu describes as "shaped like a hockey puck with the same creamy white filling of joy." Fill 'er up on this nostalgic fare (all the nutrients Mama ordered, and more) while swilling the bar's most popular beverage -- vodka and Red Bull. With that kind of preservative and caffeine store, you'll be set to shake your wild thing until the next ice age.


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