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Best Tour of the City's Extremes via Bus 

The 44-O'Shaughnessy

Arguments about housing in this city tend to dip into Milton Friedman territory, and arguments about the existential condition of this city's richer and poorer inhabitants grow downright Dickensian. Dickensian bus tours are not yet a thing but, if you desire to make it one, you could do worse than to catch a ride on the 44-O'Shaugnessy. The line starts in the hardscrabble Hunters View projects, motors through the city's unpretentious southeast, heads alongside Glen Canyon up the eponymous O'Shaugnessy Boulevard before cutting through leafy green Golden Gate Park and coming to an eventual rest in the chi-chi Presidio Heights. On a recent voyage, a heavily pregnant woman was seen disembarking the bus at Sixth and Clement and heading toward California Pacific Medical Center. "She in labor?" the driver asked the woman's husband. He replied in the negative. "Well," the driver retorted, "maybe she will be after that walk."

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