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The Castro Theatre

The venerable movie palace remains a single-screen venue more than 80 years after it first opened its doors. And to this day, you can walk into the theater and know this is what going to the movies was like in 1935. The old-fashioned, sparkling marquee, the theater's ornaments, and its fabulous chandelier, remain fully intact and clean — as if it was still 1922. It's the kind of place that wouldn't surprise patrons if Romeo and Juliet stopped by to beckon to each other from one of the elegant indoor balconies. And the theater's flicks are a film lover's delight. The Castro offers a mix of recent Hollywood hits, film festivals (The Frameline LGBT Fest, the Silent Film Fest, Noir City, and the Jewish Film Fest are among the annual staples), and classic films (on the big screen where they were intended to be seen) not to mention sing-alongs! Most every genre of movie dating back to the 1920s will appear at the Castro. And stars of classic films will drop in for a fun Q&A or a meet and greet with moviegoers. Did we mention the popcorn kicks ass?

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