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Best Street Performer 

Gregory Pike, aka Dog-Cat-Rat Man

San Francisco boasts one of the finest collections of street-dwelling eccentrics to be found anywhere. Let's face it: Where else would a unicyclist clad in a pink unitard or a man convincingly disguised as a bush not take the grand prize in this category? But in a city of stiff competition, one busker/panhandler/dispenser of wisdom and spectacle stands head and shoulders above the rest: Gregory Pike. Since arriving in the city last summer, he has charmed countless tourists with his animal companions, Mousey, Kitty, and Booger — a rat trained to stand on top of a cat trained to stand on top of a dog, respectively. For those averse to the outdoors, this otherworldly stack of natural-born adversaries can be viewed online at Pike's Web site, which features videos and a mechanism for online donations. He accepts all major credit cards — seriously.


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