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Best Source of Information on What Willie Brown Is Really Up To 

Nob Hill Gazette

Those lucky enough to have addresses within spitting distance of Huntington Park get a little extra gift on their apartment doorsteps among the usual pile of Chinese food menus and Independents: the wonderful Nob Hill Gazette, a monthly tribute to old money, young debutantes, and the Bay Area good life. Here, an article about whether you should time-share your Gulfstream V private jet or just buy it outright; there, a piece about the Pacific-Union Club, an exclusive establishment that boasts the only front yard on Nob Hill and of which you will never, ever, ever become a member -- unless, of course, your family ran a railroad at some point and you spell your last name W-A-S-P. And, for extra fun, you can scan the wedding pages, cutely titled "Mergers & Acquisitions." Giggle if you like -- it's easy, sure -- but the Nob Hill Gazette is performing public service reporting the dailies don't dare to touch. See, the Chronicle and Examiner are so delinquent in their City Hall reporting that their Willie Brown coverage is limited to his official duties in running the city. But clotheshorse bachelor Brown deserves better, and the Gazette is there, documenting his appearances at all the best parties and fund-raisers. All of which rounds out our portrait of Mayor Brown as not only the head honcho of a major metropolitan city but also as -- hey! -- a party kind of guy. See what you can learn when you're idly fantasizing about multimillion-dollar Pac Heights condos?
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