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Best Social Media Celebrity 


We have absolutely no idea how Berner does it. Dude is running a business — ok, several businesses: slanging clothes and flavored water, promoting shows and recording records and going on tour, investing in cannabis brands and making deals, all while providing top-shelf California cannabis to half of the artists in the music game — and somehow finds the time to put this and more all out there on Instagram and Twitter — where he's also constantly engaging with the fans, no question or comment too small to receive direct attention (or a coveted retweet) from the Bernzilla himself. He does have two iPhones going most of the time, so there's that — but he's raising a daughter, so any advantage is canceled out. The main man responsible for turning "Cookies" into an international synonym for killer cannabis — just a few years removed from his humble beginnings in the Fillmore and behind the bud bar at a Richmond District cannabis club — received a major boost through adept use of social media. We can't think of anyone else who has used a marketing budget based on little more than a couple of hashtags and some impromptu videos to build such a successful brand in just a few years.

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