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Best Smoking Patio 

El Rio

3158 Mission St., 415-282-3325,
Let’s face it, San Francisco is the kind of place where smokers get yelled at by health nuts for attempting to light up on the street. And the bars that still accommodate this (delicious) filthy habit are very few. Possibly the biggest blow to tobacco-loving bar-goers this year was the loss of Thee Parkside’s back patio smoking lounge, all thanks to one patron who complained that the smoking area was too close to the kitchen. Asshole. Now everyone has to go stand out front, without their drinks. So where’s a smoker to go? Well, there’s the gravel pit of Zeitgeist, of course, but El Rio has the most consistently joyful backyard in San Francisco. Should they wish to abandon their ashtrays and move inside. Never change, El Rio!

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