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Tehama Angus Ranch Annual Bull Sale

Did you ever -- while sitting through an ill-crafted boyfriend excuse, some election-year political cant, or a high-concept minute of dot-com TV advertising -- get the feeling you were being sold a line of bull? And did you kind of, well, like the feeling? We hear you, and we've found just the place to fix your bull-sale jones. Bill Borror, owner of the Tehama Angus Ranch has plenty of bull for sale every September -- some of the finest, well-marbled prize Angus in the state, in fact. Every fourth Saturday in September for the past 26 years some 200 wizened California and Nevada cattlemen have assembled at Borror's auction yard to bid on his Angus. Borror's was the first private Angus auction in the state, and now it's the largest, and known as the best. "We get the highest prices of any auction in the state," Borror says. Cattlemen -- and anyone who wants to watch the action -- begin assembling at the ranch in the early morning to size up the animals, read the stock lists, and catch up on a year's worth of visiting. At noon there's a beef barbecue lunch that "doesn't cost anything, except to us," Borror says. At 1 p.m. the first Borror Angus is paraded into the ring, the auctioneer's lips open, and the action doesn't stop until the last bull is sold. The auction is a thrilling experience. "We have what I think are the leading commercial cattlemen from the west -- 150, 200 of them -- and they're anxious to buy our bulls. It's a real fast-paced sale," Borror says. "They pretty much know what they want when they start bidding, and they fight over them until one of them gets them. It's a type of excitement that's hard to explain. You need to come."


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