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Best Result of Operation Desert Storm 

The White Ring

Some bands just want to play loud music, drink some beers, and hook up with hoochie mamas after the show. Not the White Ring. These five Oakland lads, who met while fighting Saddam Hussein's evil hordes, have a message. Actually, they have quite a few. Standing at the forefront of the East Bay's Christian rock movement (which includes such other fine acts as It's All God), the White Ring hopes to show the heathens, liberals, and wayward children that forgiveness is just a power chord away. In the anti-Darwin tune "Monkey Song" ("My forefather wasn't no monkey") or the "Hyphen Song" (which concludes that terms like "Asian-American" weaken our great country), the White Ring is firmly behind the "family values" of Commander in Thief George Bush. Better get used to it: The White Ring may as well serve as the soundtrack for the next four years.


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