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Best Reason to Stay Up Late Saturday Night 


Leaving the club just before last call, you clutch your coat around you and head up the street to where your car hopefully has not been vandalized. It's one of those nights when you think you would have had exactly the same amount of fun lying on your back on

the living room floor with a bottle of bad merlot and a Groove Armada CD on the stereo, and you're already regretting the exhaustion you'll be feeling tomorrow, which is actually today when you think about it, which is even more exhausting, and you're not even sure you have the energy to drive home. You turn the key in the ignition, turn the car heat to maximum, pick through the presets on your stereo, and suddenly you're listening to music so much better than the music you were just listening to in the club you almost can't believe your ears. Lock'N'Load, the Chemical Brothers, Rank 1, Basement Jaxx, Mars & Mystre, GFS, Orbital, Binary Finary, Roni Size, Blank & Jones, Sasha -- it's Live 105's Subsonic, hosted by Aaron Axelson; it's the Bay Area's best electronic music showcase; and it's enough to make you want to stay awake for another couple of hours. Well, almost.


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