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Best Pulp Fiction 

Kayo Books

814 Post (at Leavenworth), 749-0554,

Little wonder why Kayo Books is a favorite of classic kitschmeisters like filmmaker John Waters. It's a store full of wondrous impulse buys with a gift for almost anyone, and it doesn't feel caked in dust despite a focus on older media. Specializing in paperbacks circa 1940 to 1970, Kayo offers a healthy selection not only of well-maintained pulp fiction and outrageous sleaze (hidden in discreet drawers), but also of back issues of publications such as Playboy, Rolling Stone, and Mad Magazine. One of the shop's biggest charms is a refreshing lack of greed: Prices are incredibly reasonable (starting around $2) for books and magazines that would be gouge-worthy just about anywhere else. (In fact, many of these could fetch a tidier sum on eBay.) It's clear the owner isn't trying to capitalize on the penchants of others, but would rather create a vibe that feels more like a book geek sharing with like-minded friends.


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