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Best Public Space in a Private Place 

The KPMG Building

San Francisco building codes encourage developers to include public space in their building designs. Many game the system by placing these spots, which are supposed to be accessible to anyone, behind lobby guards and announcing their existence with nothing but a tiny plaque. The KPMG Building space is no different — getting there requires crossing a lobby and going down a hall and up a set of stairs. But what the space lacks in advertising, it makes up for in opulence. It's the equivalent of a luxurious, if spare, executive lounge, with modern cathedral windows and around 5,000 square feet of polished oak floors that are strewn with stuffed leather chairs, stainless-steel-legged tables, and modernist wavy-birch benches. On a recent Friday morning the place was completely empty, save for a janitor who kindly offered a newspaper and said the vast space is rarely occupied. Let's change that, why don't we?

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