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Best Public Place to Play Anagrams 

Midnight Sun

Whether you're hitching a ride on the 12-step wagon or simply uninterested in the Castro bar scene (and really, how can you not be?), exercise your mind while having mischievous fun by using the Midnight Sun's marquee for a rousing game of anagrams. It's simple: Take a seat across the street from the video bar, pencil and paper in hand, and write down and rearrange the letters on the sign. For example, "The Simpsons" becomes "Shits on meps"; "Comedy Festival" turns into "Do my vital feces." Finally, dash across the street to physically rearrange the letters to match your rewording, then stand back and watch the reactions of passers-by. Time is of the essence, however, because if the fuming bartender catches you, you will receive quite the scolding. If done successfully and swiftly, the game is better than a beer bust and more cost-effective, too.

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