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Best Predictor of a Rough Morning to Come 

Chinese Mai Tai at Li Po

Like most bad decisions, it seems like a good one at the time. The charmingly shabby Chinese dive, Li Po, is known for one thing: a concoction called the Chinese Mai Tai. The drink is a lethal blend of Whaler's Rum, Castillo Light Rum, Bacardi 151, pineapple juice, and a mysterious "Chinese liqueur," which is given a quick whir in a blender and served frothy and cold in a plastic hurricane glass. The only thing missing is the umbrella. Chinese Mai Tais are more dangerous than the average cocktail because they're ridiculously easy to drink, considering the amount of booze in them. One is regrettable, two is asking for trouble, and after three you are no longer accountable for your actions, and are likely to wake up the next morning after passing out in all your clothes, with a dry mouth and pounding head from all that alcohol and sugar. And that's if you make it to your bed at all.

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