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Best Place to Watch Pornos (and Be Considered Intellectual) 

The Center for Sex & Culture

Sex educator Dr. Carol Queen (author of Real Live Nude Girl and Exhibitionism for the Shy), with the Center for Sex & Culture, has created a safe public space where people can research issues pertaining to sexuality and participate in lively sex-positive events. The center's event calendar ranges from art auctions and nights deconstructing bad adult movies to theater performances and the upcoming "Masturbate-a-Thon" charity fund-raiser on May 28. The Web site contains a convenient "firecracker" system for rating events, so that you can find out before attending if a particular program contains any nudity -- whether live or on video. A free-spirited atmosphere and a healthy sense of humor make the center a great place to hide your horniness under the guise of pursuing knowledge.

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