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Best Place to Watch Hipsters Take a Spill 

The Entry Stairs at Cafe Du Nord

The cozy basement feel of the Castro's Cafe Du Nord accounts for much of this music venue's appeal. But with every tucked-away underground lounge comes a stairway down to that underground lounge, and that's where navigating Du Nord gets dicey. To witness the phenomenon yourself, just grab a seat near the door and watch as hipster after hipster, gaily re-entering from a smoke break, fails to negotiate those last few steps, slips, and flops to a shameful thud among the trendy footwear. Of course, you can't really blame them for tumbling. Descending a steep stairway from a brightly lit sidewalk into a dungeon-dark room while balancing a pricey cocktail is far more disorienting than any Long Island Iced Tea. But come on, who doesn't relish seeing the über-hip humbled every once in a while?

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