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Best Place to Throw Shit at Bands 

12 Galaxies

When it comes to live music, we all love intimate venues like the Bottom of the Hill, Cafe Du Nord, and the Make-Out Room. But there's a problem with such joints: What if you want to throw shit on your favorite band? What if you and your friends want to act like a screaming, frothing mob and yell at hardworking musicians like mobsters watching a bare-knuckle boxing match? For that you need to scuttle on down to 12 Galaxies (the place is named after legendary local loon/ Market Street protester Frank Chu and his cryptic sandwich board). Thanks to its second level, which envelops the stage below like a bear hug, 12 Galaxies allows you to get Beyond Thunderdome on any group courageous enough to take its stage -- you can spit on 'em, dump beer on 'em, whatever!!! The only trouble with this equation for heckling is that you may find you've misplaced your ire when the jams get kicked out: The management books top-notch headliners playing music that ranges from folk to garage rock to punk to soul. But hey, there's always the opener.


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