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Best Place to Stand on Muni 

The Swivel

Every day around rush hour, Muni trains passing through the downtown stations are filled to the brim with commuters who rush the doors as soon as they open. But the effective commuter is privy to the roomier spots on the Muni train. Rather than wedged between post-work riders who may or may not have applied deodorant or used mouthwash in the morning, the effective commuter makes her way to the metallic platforms that swivel when the train turns. Here, and only here, unless the rare open seat is available, staring at a sign that warns youths not to carry markers aboard trains, the effective commuter knows that she will have personal space on a crowded train. That space means the ability to scroll through your phone or dive into a couple chapters of the novel you've been meaning to finish. Each train car has one swivel section where some six commuters can stand, three riders per wall on each side of the train. While the space in between the doors fills up to the point where there is little to no breathing room, hardly anyone will shove their way in between the commuters on the swivel section (likely because there are no bars to hold onto but room to only lean). So when you can, make your way through the riders who don't know to move down, get on at the front of the train, which tends to be less crowded, and move toward the swivel section. If you're lucky it might just be open.

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