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Best Place to Shoot Guns 

Jackson Arms Shooting Range & Gunshop

Most people who object to guns on principle have never shot one. Perhaps they're afraid they'll enjoy it? Regardless, if you've never held a firearm, you can rectify that inadequacy at Jackson Arms. Pay 30 bucks, sign some important forms ("I will not shoot myself in the foot" -- OK, it doesn't really say that), and sit down for a half-hour "Novice Shooter Package" class. Then set yourself up in one of the 10 50-foot lanes, mount your target, load your .22 (a box of 100 rounds comes with the class), and fire away. Gals can play Scully with a Sig Sauer 9mm, for a small extra ammo fee (and Monday night is Ladies Night). Men with unresolved hostility issues can frighten everyone nearby with a loud-even-through-the-ear-protectors .357 Magnum revolver. Shoot until you're out of ammo (or money) -- or until the nice range safety officers tell you they need the lane. Whether you think the Second Amendment is an anachronism or a God-given right, an evening of indoor shooting at Jackson Arms is nothing but good fun.


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