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Best Place to Ride Your Fixie Like It Was Meant to Be Ridden 

Golden Gate Park Polo Field

Given that they have only one gear and zero ability to coast — meaning your legs have to be turning at the same speed as the wheels — fixed-gear bikes are a somewhat ludicrous choice for daily transportation on the chaotic streets of San Francisco. (That doesn't mean they aren't popular; even cycling newbies can be regularly seen careening through the Wiggle on brake-less fixies.) There is, however, one place in San Francisco where the fixie is perfectly at home: the Polo Field in Golden Gate Park. Here, on a smooth, comfortable oval track, riders can push their sleek machines to the speeds for which they were designed — all without the fear of a careless Mitsubishi crossing their path. The utter perfection of an oval track paired with bikes designed for racing on one can sometimes be hindered by other activities, like youth soccer games. But come many weekend afternoons, the Polo Field circuit is home to at least a handful of cyclists casually racing minimalist steeds in their native environment.

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