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Best Place to Rent Movies for Free 

San Francisco Public Library

Sure, Netflix delivers to your door, but you've gotta pay for that laziness. How about a service that ships those flicks close to your homestead for free? Go to the San Francisco Public Library's Web site and you can request a movie from its catalog and have the DVD delivered to the branch nearest you. If your cult classic or new release isn't on their shelves, you can reserve a future copy or put in an order for consideration of purchase. You're allowed to borrow DVDs for a full week, with one slip-up (i.e. renewal) each round. Sure, the library isn't Blockbuster, and pickin's can sometimes get slim or outright odd, but browsing through the selections can be a rewarding experience — you'll stumble into everything from bizarre instructional videos to The Devil Wears Prada to wacky arthouse hits that span time and taste.

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