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Best Place to Print Photos 


It's easy to get caught up in the whole digital camera thing -- especially if you travel a lot or have kids -- but printed photos speak a language that pixels never will. Here's proof: Pull your old point-and-shoot out of the closet, fill it with decent black-and-white film, shoot random pics around town (dogs in the park, construction sites, funny signs), and take the results to Photoworks. Ask for matte prints and sloppy borders, and when you pick up your pictures you'll wonder why you don't do this for a living. And if you're still taking your rolls to a one-hour photo place, it's time to realize that (a) the prints often look lousy and (b) they don't save you money. Why bother taking good pictures if you let any old person print them? Go ahead, let the pros at Photoworks do their magic.


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