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Best Place to Pee in Public 

Dolores Park Pissoir

When day drinkers just could not stop pissing along the train tracks at Dolores Park, where every weekend tons of revelers gather to partake in booze and other inebriants, the city came up with a great idea to make public urination acceptable: install an outdoor urinal. The new pissoir — a low, concrete semi-circle with a tarp hanging above it — sits alongside the J-Church line, allowing a person to stare down train passengers while letting loose into a drain. The urinal was unveiled in February as part of the Dolores Park renovation project, and since then has no doubt allowed many in desperate need to use the restroom. It's a better idea than the dozens of walls around the city that were coated with pee-reflecting paint meant to curb public urination. Attempting to pee at the 16th Street BART Station plaza, for example, will result in your urine splashing back on your pants. But the Dolores Park pissoir hasn't been well-received by all. A conservative legal group threatened to sue the city for installing the urinal, citing privacy concerns for both the users and passersby. The group — Pacific Justice Institute — also says the pissoir discriminates against women and the disabled. While it's certainly more challenging for a female to use the urinal than a male, the urinal is a haven for those who just can't wait in line for the proper bathrooms at the park. The Recreation and Parks Department has made a world of difference for those indulging in the type of substances that make you have to go at the new Dolores Park, in a city known for its acceptance of public drinking but notorious for its lack of bathrooms. And for that, we thank you.

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