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Best Place to Mix Beer and Booze 

Jasper's Corner Tap and Kitchen

At some point, you've likely dropped a shot of Bailey's into a pint of Guinness. Or, perhaps you prefer to let your sake splash around in a glass of Japanese lager. Either way, we have some bad news: You haven't created a "beer cocktail." To do so demands more thought and finesse. Different styles of beer can offer wildly diverse flavors to a mixed drink — roasty malts, piney hops, and fruity yeast strains all have their own place. If there's one "beer whisperer" who understands beer's role in a cocktail, it's Kevin Diedrich of Jasper's Corner Tap and Kitchen. His Wiessen Sour ($11), a menu mainstay, deftly blends bourbon with lemon, orange marmalade, house orange bitters, and white beer. The coriander and orange peel in the Belgian witbier augment the citrusy marmalade and bitters. The Witch's Brew ($9), a recent menu addition, uses Trumer Pilsner in a cocktail of gin, lemon, honey, egg white, orange bitters, and an Italian herbal liqueur called Strega. The beer's carbonation adds levity and cuts the thick body of the egg, while the grassy hop notes add complexity to the dozens of herbs infused in the liqueur. In addition to the cocktails, Jasper's offers a boilermaker menu that thoughtfully pairs brews with liquor backs. Just remember the adage: "Liquor with beer, you're in the clear." Or something like that.

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