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Best Place to Get Lost 

Interfaith Labyrinth at Grace Cathedral

Just after entering this outdoor floor maze of white and gray terrazzo tile, you are led close to your final goal: the scallop-edged circle in the center of the labyrinth. Nirvana, in this case, bears an uncanny resemblance to the ever-elusive Home in a game of Sorry. If you were to cross over the bounds of the trail and step just a few inches to the right, you'd be safe inside. But the path leads you abruptly away, as though to remind you that nothing good in life is ever easy. This is an ideal place to clear your mind, release your burdens, and ponder existence. Your fumbling feet are sure to distract your racing mind as they struggle to stay balanced along the maze's hairpin curves. And the people-watching is excellent: Witness the power struggle that arises when two pilgrims cross each other's path walking in opposite directions. Neither wants to break the trance and turn the labyrinth back into a concrete floor, but one must step aside and let the other pass. Ah, the humanity.


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