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Best Place to Get Buzzed on Lychees 

Lisa's on Folsom

At Lisa's on Folsom, a funky Hunan Chinese "food bar," everything's done with a bit of a twist. Walls are painted turquoise (to improve the building's poor feng shui), clear glass display cases serve as dining tables, and there are "Chinese tapas" on the menu, not appetizers. But the fun late-night spot's greatest innovations are its fruit-infused vodka cocktails. There's lychee strawberry, pineapple watermelon, blood orange, lychee mango, and pineapple strawberry watermelon, to name a few. In fact, anything with lychee is a standout, a delicate balance of alcoholic kick and fruity flavor. The potent beverages are garnished with what has been dubbed "drunken fruit," and you can easily get intoxicated on the liquor-saturated fruit alone. The price of one of these tropical concoctions ($7.50 per martini glass) may seem a bit high, but the drink -- and the fruit garnish -- definitely packs a punch.


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