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Best Place to Find Something to Hold Something 

The Container Store

Some of us have wrapping issues. We find that we desperately need an oddly shaped box for that really cool birthday present -- the one we bought without a second thought to how we might actually send it. And some of us just like stuff that holds other stuff: For us, finding a box, a bottle, a uniquely shaped jar, or an envelope that's just the right size is a secret pleasure. We all dig the Container Store -- literally, a store of containers. We admit it's like a religion with us. (Some of us actually schlepped out to the suburbs before the San Francisco store opened.) Whatever we need, the Container Store has it: wrapping paper, boxes, tape, and packing material; fancy boxes and cookie tins; all kinds of kitchen containers; garbage cans that the dog can't get into; laptop satchels and multitudes of CD organizers; something to hold everything in the bathroom; even coat hangers for big and little people's clothes. And if that weren't enough, the staff arranges infrastructure and shelves -- just bring in your measurements and leave with the insides of a closet ready to hang. As a bonus, the new store has underground parking and delivers your goodies right to the car. No car? No problem. The Container Store is right on several bus, Muni, and BART lines. We can barely contain our excitement.


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