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Best Place to Buy Classic Literature for Burrito Money 

Aardvark Books

You want books. Not book-like files for your AndroPadTab, but sheets of paper printed with ink bound together into a pleasant-feeling volume. Are you really going to read Walden on a screen? Not unless you want old Henry David turning in his sparsely appointed grave. And while San Francisco is blessed with an abundance of good-to-excellent bookstores, many of which deal in used volumes, Aardvark on Church at Market is a particularly great place to stock up on previously loved classics for a reasonable price. There's a whole "Literature" section running down the left side of the store, which doesn't just take "literature" to mean serious fiction, although there is plenty of serious fiction. Many of these wisdom packets can be purchased for less than the cost of a good burrito, or around half of what you'd spend on a single cocktail at one of the nearby watering holes. A buzz in this city can get expensive; at Aardvark, brilliance is a bargain.

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