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Best Place to Adopt a Critter 

The Animal Connection

We understand that sometimes a person can feel there's something missing from her life. And it's at those times that you need a critter most -- perhaps a bumble bee dart frog, or some other darling little croaker. We recommend a trip to the Outer Sunset, home to the Animal Connection. This isn't your run-of-the-mill pet store: There are no puppies, for instance. Instead, you'll find a lovely selection of birds, big and small, including parrots, budgies, and ring-necked doves, waiting for good homes. Of course, the store also offers a wide variety of frogs, and a good number of fish swimming around in tanks in the back. But wait, there's more. Upstairs you'll find all sorts of gecko lizards, and turtles. (We're particularly fond of the Russian tortoises.) And if you were thinking of something with fur, no problem: The Animal Connection sells velvety-soft chinchillas, guinea pigs, and even fancy mice. Along with critters, the store has a great stock of food, cages, toys, and contraptions for new adoptees, or old, trusted pets. The knowledgeable staff is helpful, which makes the entire experience more friendly than a trip to some big chain store.


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