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Best Place for Tourists to Save Their Film on the 49 Mile Drive 

The Stretch of Cesar Chavez Street From Twin Peaks to Interstate 280

One minute you're winding gently down from Twin Peaks, cruising blissfully through Noe Valley; the next, you're speeding along a drab stretch of Cesar Chavez Street, wondering if the friendly sea gull on the blue-and-white signs has led you astray. "This is a scenic drive?" you're apt to think, as you pass block after block of industrial buildings, vacant storefronts, and desolate parking lots. In a city full of jaw-dropping scenery, why in the world is this stretch of Cesar Chavez, slicing between the lower Mission and upper Bernal Heights, part of the scenic tour? Maybe it's just a chance to reload the Nikon before the sea gull sends you to Interstate 280 (where you can get a gander at some authentic San Francisco stop-and-go traffic) and its sweeping view of downtown. Or maybe it's time to reroute the 49 Mile Drive along 16th Street, an east-west artery that at least showcases some genuine local color.


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