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Ruby Skye

As anyone strolling down Mason Street on any recent weekend has probably noticed, Ruby Skye ("appropriate fashionable attire required") is the new destination of choice for the city's "hip" crowd. Which, as anyone familiar with this scene is aware, means extremely long lines that can be avoided in four ways -- looking pretty, getting on the guest list, knowing a doorman, or paying one to let you in. Yes, it's a charming ritual: a hundred or so of the name-droppingest, bouncer-bribingest, fakie-shakingest would-be glamourites in the Bay Area huddled on the sidewalk like so many fashionably attired cattle. Once we actually tried to wade through this morass, but then a fight nearly broke out, the Fire Department showed up, and, after realizing hipness had never been so uncool, we headed for a smaller club where patrons actually seemed welcome. Hey, what a concept.

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