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Best of San Francisco 2016 

Thursday, May 19 2016

Sometimes it feels we've out-innovated ourselves. Instead of a few dozen friends, we have thousands of followers. Keeping up with our digital companions in analog ways would be impossible -- especially when we don't all share the same spoken language. While we'll never meet the vast majority of the like-minded smartphone-havers with whom we share likes and retweets, we know what makes them tick -- we know exactly how to keep it all 💯.

Like all symbols, the beauty of emoji is how they transcend barriers of language. In much less than 140 characters, we can explain ourselves and exactly how we feel. In a way, emoji may even be an improvement -- a better and more complete way to communicate. When words fail you, reach for some 🔥.

💩 needs no clarification, and 👏 needs no further explanation.

This is an appropriate lense through which to see San Francisco, the digital hub of the world's social media army. There are as many ways to describe the peculiarity of our place -- the way the late afternoon sun turns the hills golden, the simple perfection of a well-executed meal, the inexorable roll of the fog over the bridge -- as there are people. We all have a reason why we came here and why we stay here. It may be to watch the Giants play ⚾️. Maybe we're a huge fan of craft 🍹. For some of us, "Frisco" is encapsulated in a bicycle, in a wrap of foil, in a cup of coffee. In those instances, one emoji is worth well more than a thousand words. It's pure language.

What's your San Francisco moment? What's 🔥 for you? These are some of ours.


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