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Best Nouveau Rabble-Rousing 

720 York (at 19th Street)

The shiny new live-work complex at 720 York St. has arrived: No sooner did its wealthy owners move in than neatly typeset protest signs went up in its streetfront windows. "No to Downtown Office Space," they scream. A large banner proclaims that the new-media-cyber-stock-poof offices cropping up around the Mission District are going to scarf up valuable street parking that the live-work yuppers believe rightfully belongs to them. Next thing you know, these Tiffany-and-Bradley-come-latelies will be keying Cadillacs and Jags and setting fire to the offices that just happen to be legally zoned for these areas, unlike their $700,000 squats, which exist only through flimsy loopholes and Willie-fiat. Love it or burn it, dot-commers! Basta ya! Vamos compañeros para la revolución! Arriba!


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