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You know what killed Howard Dean's presidential campaign? It wasn't that Iowa Caucus scream; it was his early declaration that he was a metrosexual. Who wants a president who's too busy fixing his hair to deal with global crises, who spends more time getting in touch with his feminine side than with his constituents? Dean would've done far better admitting he was a SanFransexual. SFsexuals are, like metrosexuals, straight guys who don't act stereotypically so. But unlike the mets, SFsexuals aren't annoying as fuck. They're comfortable with their girly sides, but they're not opposed to being manly as well. While they're open to applying nail polish for dancing, they won't spend an hour moussing their hair. They're willing to wear dresses to bars, but they're also capable of fixing a flat. They may be sensitive enough to share their feelings, but sometimes those feelings will concern blow jobs. Yep, a little more SanFransexual, and Howard Dean would've been the second, um, coming of Bill Clinton.


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