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Best New Historical Preservation Project 

Signal Tower

Perched high up on Yerba Buena Island is a piece of history that could soon be gone forever. A small, century-old building abandoned decades ago by the Navy and condemned in 1989, the Signal Tower had never so much as drawn a single pause in the long-running redevelopment process for the organic island and its man-made neighbor, Treasure Island. Then last year, Bay Area native Eugene Ashton-Gonzalez and his friend stumbled upon the place and embarked on a rogue mission to create a secret "reliquary of antiquated information." But not only was the endeavor a stand against modernization, it was entirely illegal. Still, Ashton-Gonzalez and his band of creative misfits built out the space and began hosting intimate gatherings complete with art, music, food, and sometimes booze for anyone brave enough, and lucky enough to be invited, to take the risky journey. But all of that is over until the fate of the building is decided. It's scheduled to be demolished in June, unless Ashton-Gonzalez can drum up enough support, and capital, to convince developer Lennar to spare the tower.

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