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Best New Bike Lane 

Page Street

If you've been cycling around San Francisco for more than five or so years, you'll remember what a funhouse it used to be. Even no-brainer cross-town routes like 17th Street carried discontinuous segments of striped asphalt, and sharrows were considered the zenith of enlightened planning. No more. Following last year's unique "contra-flow" lane at the foot of Polk Street, we now have a smart, one-block addition to Page Street in Hayes Valley. Between Laguna Street and Octavia Boulevard, a green-painted inbound lane in the center of the road keeps morning bicycle commuters, who used to have to swing into oncoming traffic to make a sensible move, out of the way of cars anxious to get on the Central Freeway as soon as possible — and it's on a fun downslope, too. Comparatively minor in terms of overall length? Maybe. But projects like this are crucial to the next phase of bike-friendly urban design and making two-wheeled travel accessible to ever-wider swaths of the populace. (Bonus: it's an alternate to the Wiggle!)


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