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Best Neighborhood Gym 

Fit Club

Going to the gym sucks. It sucks worse when you have to maneuver your way past muscle-bound blocks of aggression waiting in line for the weights or slink into the back of a cardio class to avoid group humiliation (who knew triathletes could side-eye so well?). Wouldn't it be nice to just go to a safe environment, maybe even a quiet, semi-private one, where there is just enough — workable cardio equipment, maybe a full set of weights, people you can smile at and then ignore, and the occasional available personal trainer — to stay healthy, happy, and sane, without having to make a pilgrimage, change your lifestyle, or muscle past competition just to get some exercise in? The beauty of Fit Club is the ability to swing by before 6 a.m., get in via your swipe card, and treadmill anonymously, or meet up with an Olympic weightlifting coach or flexibility trainer for group accountability. In short: everything you need to take care of you, and nothing extraneous — and no waiting in line to use a sweat-covered machine.

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