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Best Museum to Party In 

Asian Art Museum

On a scale of one to 10, how much do you love a night on the town? It's safe to assume that most of us reside somewhere in the meaty part of the curve: more social than your typical Hermit, and more mellow than a Party Animal. Still, going out is an exciting part of living in a major metropolis. San Francisco, as we know, is not just any major metropolis. But, curiously, it offers a surprisingly limited amount of "nightclubs" in the traditional sense. Whether that is due to a lack of demand or something else is tough to sort out. But it is safe to say that an impressive amount of San Franciscans tend to lean toward "high culture" events than toward down-and-dirty clubbing. That's why we're especially fond of the Asian Art Museum. This institution is critical in terms of cultural conservation — but it's hardly stuck-up. The Asian Art Museum has bragging rights on an impressive amount of "high art" categories. The roughly 18,000 pieces that make up the AAM's collection come from virtually every Asian nation and culture dating from about 4,000 B.C.E. to present day. It is one of the largest and best-curated Asian museums in the West.

Oh, and the museum also happens to throw killer parties. As if to match the grandeur of the artworks that it highlights, AAM spares no expense on exhibit openings. From an adult-themed opening party for the world-class exhibit, "Seduction: Japan's Floating World," to the traditional Japanese New Year's bell-ringing ceremonies (complete with a working brass temple bell weighing 2,100 pounds), the Asian Art Museum makes patrons rethink the notion that museums are stuffy, old, and boring.

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