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The Muni 1 California Line

Certain Muni lines are so unique in character they practically spawn cults. The 38 Geary is well known for being the city's workhorse, snapshot-of-the-city line -- it's all business as it stretches from one end of San Francisco to the other. The 7 Haight draws a patchouli-meets-pin-stripes crowd, with the groovy types sloughing off as the bus drifts into the heart of downtown. And the 22 Fillmore attracts such a weird, they'd-never-meet-otherwise mix of folks from the Marina, Mission, and Western Addition that it spawned a zine, 22 Bus, devoted to its unique charms. The 1 California is similarly unique, though its social dynamic works more subtly. Like the 38 Geary, it bisects the city horizontally, moving in a straight line from the Financial District all the way to the Outer Sunset. But unlike the 38, its path cuts across many of the city's tonier neighborhoods, which means it attracts people who are generally doing well for themselves -- but not well enough to own a car. Which means young professionals. Young, attractive professionals. Young, attractive, single professionals. Listen closely and you'll hear folks strike up conversations like, "Oh, I read that article in the Standard too." Ah, the 1 California, where love -- and the smell of something in the back seats -- is always in the air.


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