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What distinguishes GreenCine from that other mail-order movie outfit (rhymes with "icks") isn't just its giddily un-corporate attitude. It's the buzz that comes from building a local community of renters and ranters. "Be a critic. Show your colors. Rate, review and compile lists that you thought only a freak like you would be interested in," says the site. "Throw a topic into the discussion boards and watch the churn." And watch lots of great movies. As hard-core film folk are wont to do, the good people at GreenCine go hog wild with the cross-referencing. To help you get to know their catalog of more than 10,000 titles, they've got lists up the wazoo: award winners, genres, the aforementioned freak-like-you selections, and the staff's own best 100 indies -- from The Apostle to You Can Count on Me. With such comprehensive fare available (and annotated so comprehensively), it's no wonder cinephilia is contagious in this town.


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